West Sacramento State of City Address

On May 3rd,  MILE Preschool was honored to be a part of the West Sacramento Mayor Christopher Cabaldon annual State of the City address!

This year, the Mayor highlighted the West Sacramento Home Run initiative, our city's signature workforce development initiative and the role that high quality early learning, as well as the other programs play in the initiatives success. He recognized the role that teachers and high quality early learning providers play in maintaining and growing high quality early learning environments across the city and the role of high quality early learning as part of the "1st base" of the West Sacramento Home Run.

MILE Preschool  was recognized as one of the 5 Home Run certified preschool! Watch this video to find out more about the Home Run initiative:

Now that you know your child is part of  1st base for the new Home Run initiative, you will receive a $50 seed deposit in their new city-sponsored college savings account!! Go to wshomerun.com to establish an account. 

Please note that this was just launched as of yesterday, May 3rd so the website may not have the information needed so please be patient.

After your child graduates from MILE Preschool, he/she will go the 2nd base which is INTERNSHIPS & DIGITAL BADGES. This base is for high school juniors and seniors enrolled in a high school in the WUSD. 

Then 3rd base is the COLLEGE PROMIS & SCHOLARSHIP.  All WUSD graduating seniors will be eligible for up to one year of free tuition at Sacramento City College campus and a points (badges based) scholarship of up to $1,000 for college related expenses!!!

Lastly, 4th base is a paid internship with one of the businesses in West Sacramento!!!

The HOME RUN initiative encourages the children to be raised as leaders AND to stay here in West Sacramento!! In doing so, it creates the best place to raise a family, access quality education and find quality talent within our community!!

This HOME RUN initiative is all COMMUNITY BASED which is what MILE Preschool has always been called to do for our children!!! We are so excited as past alumni students who have followed the Home Run path could benefit from this!!!! YAY!!!